If required, we will take over the further processing of the raw parts for you as preparation for the next production steps...
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Edge milling

Weld seam preparations also on large-area parts, especially for milling and shearing burrs on straight edges, milling for straight inner and outer edges, contour runs and boresApplication of weld bevels at an angle of 15° - 80°.


Uniform barrel finishing, also referred to as edge rounding or edge breaking, is part of the deburring process. In this process, stainless steel parts are placed together with abrasives in a rotating drum to defuse and round sharp edges and ensure safety during handling. handling. Optimal edge rounding improves the adhesion of a coating to the workpiece. to the workpiece is better. In addition, rounded edges pose less risk of injury.

Surface finish

Our EdgeBreaker® 6000 is designed for complete machining after cutting. In single pass, this deburring machine covers the following processes:‍

  • ‍Deburring of cut parts‍
  • Rounding edges‍
  • Surface finish with abrasive belts
  • Grain sizes: K80, 120, 400

The rotor ensures uniform grinding, optimum edge rounding and a radius of up to 2.0 mm on the sheet edge. the sheet edge. Due to the vacuum table, both large-area and small sheet metal parts can be processed.

Roller straightening

Roll straightening: with the FlatMaster® from Arku

Compared to other straightening methods, roll straightening with the FlatMaster® is simple and fast. fast. In the hydraulic machine, a sheet metal part passes through a series of alternating bends. The material is formed and waterjet, laser or flame-cut parts become flat and virtually stress-free. stress-free.
Particularly cost-effective: downstream processes such as welding, bending or folding can be processes such as welding, bending or folding can be carried out more quickly and reliably.


MILLING with assfalg - machines

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Perfection from experience - with the FlatMaster®. from arku

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Perfect deburring
with the rotor roller from ARKU

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Fold master


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Do you have questions about our services?
What are the current cutting times?

The delivery time is highly dependent on the capacity utilization of the individual machines and may vary.
Should components be required at short notice, please contact our sales staff. sales staff to discuss this.

Fixed lengths from coil we usually produce in 8-10 AT.

You can find our current cutting and delivery times here.

I have questions about my bill, who can I contact?

If you have any questions about the invoice, you can contact our colleagues in order processing. contact. You will find the contact details on the delivery bill or invoice.

Who can I contact with a request?

You have the possibility to send directly from our homepage via the contact form an request directly from our homepage. The contact details, such as telephone number and e-mail address, of our sales staff can be found under the tab "About us" -> "Team".

We look forward to hearing from you about your needs.

Where can I find my factory certificates/certificates?

Our stock material is managed exclusively with certificates / certificates. You will receive these you shortly after delivery of your shipment in digital form. If you should not have ordered a certificate you have not ordered, please contact us and we will provide you with it.
If certificates have been ordered, they will usually be sent with our delivery bill in digital form. digital form, but at the latest with the invoice.

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