Plasma cutting

During the processing of stainless steel by means of plasma cutting, the gas is is ionized by electrical energy, releasing the outer electrons. When the ionized gas molecules strike the stainless steel to be cut, the electrons return to their initial state and release their reconfiguration energy. This results in extreme temperatures of up to 30,000 K at the point of impact.
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PlasMaCutting - How does it work?

The material melts very quickly, due to the feed of the machine and the blowing of the kerf a cut is created. The gas flow continuously blows the soft material out of the kerf, thus separating the material. and thus separates the material. The resulting gases must be extracted via a suitable filter. Even if oxygen is used as the plasma gas, plasma cutting is still referred to as a fusion cutting process, since the fusion cutting process, since the influence of the external heat from the arc is greater than that of the flame cutting process, which comes into play when burning with oxygen.

A characteristic feature of the arc is its bubble-like shape, which makes it necessary to use a suitable to set and track an optimum focal point for the impingement of the arc by means of a suitable Z-axis height control. and to track the arc.

Plasma cutting
Plasma cutting


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1.4000 / AISI 410S
1.4006 / AISI 410
1.4162 / US S32101
1.4301 / 1.4307 / AISI 304 / 304L
1.4305 / AISI 303
1.4306 / AISI 304L
1.4313 / US S41500
1.4362 / US S32304
1.4404 / AISI 316L
1.4410 / US S32750
1.4435 / AISI 316L
1.4462 / US S31803
1.4501 / US S32760
1.4529 / US N08367
1.4539 / AISI 904L
1.4541 / AISI 321
1.4547 / US S31254 / 254 SMO
1.4550 / AISI 347 / 347H
1.4571 / AISI 316Ti
1.4828 / AISI 309
1.4835 / 253 MA
1.4841 / AISI 314
1.4845 / AISI 310S
1.4878 / AISI 321H
1.4903 / ASTM A387 Gr. 91
1.4948 / AISI 304H


Range of dimensions:

SATO HiFocus from 4 to 150 mm thickness - 3000 x 12000 mm

CNC controlled plasma cutting system for underwater plasma cutting up to 150 mm Material thickness. Cutting bevel outside further into plus, inside further into minus.
Nominal thickness
Tolerance outside
Tolerance inside
4 - 40 mm
+ 3 mm
- 3 mm
41 - 65 mm
+ 5 mm
- 5 mm
70 - 100 mm
+ 8 mm
- 8 mm
105 -150 mm
+ 10 mm
- 10 mm

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Plasma cutting

Sato Hifocus 600i Neo

Thickness: up to 150 mm
Dimension range: 3000 x 12000 mm

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